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Body Part Burners

Body Part Burners

Whether you’re low on time, wanting to target a specific body part or adding on a little extra burn to a workout, these mini sessions are intense but effective and yes, you will feel it tomorrow.

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Body Part Burners
  • 15 Min Ballet Arms with Olivia

    Don't be fooled, a set of light hand weights is all you'll need to feel those arm muscles fire up and strengthen from within.
    After this 15mins with Liv your arms will be feeling instantly stronger and more defined.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Ab Burner with Emma

    15 minutes of nothing but ab exercises.
    Simple but effective, Emma's high reps will leave you in need of a Stretchy Beans session...or maybe a 15min Butt workout to even you out?!
    Equipment free.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Ab Burner with Mel

    Join Mel for a hardcore sesh *literally* of 1 min intervals of strong Pilates core exercises, repeated for maximum efficacy.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Ballet Arms with Josie

    A Ballet inspired arm workout that will fire up all your arm muscles as well as the upper back and shoulders.
    Josie's killer sequence of high reps and mini pulses is a great addition to a lower body VLB sesh or a long walk.
    Equipment needed? Handweights.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Legs with Mel

    Slide on over into Mel's 15min butt burner using your fancy slider of choice, ie. fluffy socks if you're on hard floor or a tupperware lid if you're on carpet.
    You'll be taken through a series of 1 minute combo sets with minimal rest.
    #booty #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Let's Get Leggy with Olivia

    Legs, legs and more legs.
    Olivias back to back exercises will get those quads and inner thighs on fire to help sculpt every part of your pins.
    Remember to stick with the timer to get the most out of your burn.
    No equipment needed.
    #andbreathe #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Ab Burner with Emma

    Join Emma for a slow and steady 15min burn for your belly.
    Make sure you take your time and keep checking in with your form and breathing technique to get the most out the sequence.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Back Burner with Josie

    A strong back not only looks great but also helps improve core strength, posture and may even make you grow an inch!
    With the help of handweights, Josie's badass back burner will tone your shoulders and back and even your butt.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Inner Thigh Burn with Josie

    Although the entirety of your pins will get a good burn in this quickie workout with Josie, that pesky inner thigh area will get extra attention to help sculpt and strengthen.
    Did someone say pulse?
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Lean Legs with Sarah

    No equipment necessary for Sarah's leggy session that will hit the hammy's, gluts + inner and outer thighs.
    The thighs being the biggest muscle group in the body burn a LOT of energy (cals) so expect to heat up quickly!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Glutes with Mel

    A quick, Pilates style glute workout with Mel that'll strengthen and tone your butt, hamstrings and lower back.
    A squishy ball or cushion will help add some intensity to these exercises although not essential.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Glute Burner with Josie

    No equipment needed for Josie's 15 minute solid butt burner.
    Inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and of course those glute muscles will be put under strain to help strengthen and tone your derrier.
    #VLB #pregnancyfriendly @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Abs with Mel

    Mels combo of traditional Pilates with power planks will have you working up a sweat and leave that 6 pack of yours on fire ;)
    #VLB @Leanbeanfitnessau

  • All About Bass Express with Josie

    All you need is a chair for Josies booty burning workout that's the perfect addition to a walk around the block or paired with another 15min quickie.
    PSA: The hamstrings run right up into your glutes and help with that 'butt lift' we strive for, so listen out for Josie's cues to make sure the ha...

  • 15 Min Inner Thigh with Emma

    Equipment and fancy free, this 15 minute workout with Emma works through 3 different sets to get your inner thighs burning in every way possible. You'll be feeling this the next day! #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Arms with Mel

    Half floor work using your bodyweight, half boxing using hand weights, this quicky with Mel will get your heart rate up, core switched on and arms aching tomorrow! #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Upper Body with Mel

    A mix of body weight and light dumbbells will get your arms and shoulders fired up within seconds. Mel will take you through 2 sets of exercises, 30 second on each, with one being a Pilates arm sequence and the other a floor combo. #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Phenomenal Abdominals with Olivia

    All you need is your mat and your breath for this 15 minute ab burner with Olivia. Slow and steady wins the race *and the 6 pack* so don't rush!
    #abfab #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Booty Burner with Olivia

    Another juicy ass (and a little ab) workout with Olivia for you in under 15 minutes.
    Add a loop band to up the intensity but either way, this one is cruel to be kind 😉
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • All About That Bass [Express] with Josie

    No if's just great butts right?!
    Josie will start you off slowly to get the right muscles engaged, finishing off with a high speed power burn.
    Use a loop band if you have one but don't think you'll miss out if you don't.
    #ouch #VLB @leanabeanfitnessau

  • All About That Bass with Mel

    Loop band optional for Mel's Pilates x Power butt workout that'll target all the small muscles that help tone and tighten your buns.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Arm and back burner with Mel

    Hand weights (cans of beans) at the ready, this little number with Mel does exactly what it says on the tin. Your upper & lower back, arms and shoulders will work in sync to help improve muscle tone and posture.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Arms with Mel

    Its quick but wowza, your arms are gonna be on fire from the get-go with Melissa today.
    A 5 minute body weight combo plus a cardio Tabata set using hand weights will get the heart and endorphins racing.

  • Inner Thigh Burner with Josie

    Back by popular demand, Josie's here with a quicky inner thigh workout to sculpt those pins.
    You'll need a chair for support and also a ball (or pillow) to squeeze and pulse.

    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau