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Mumma Beans [Pre/Post Natal]

Mumma Beans [Pre/Post Natal]

A low impact class specifically tailored to women during and after pregnancy. This class is slower paced and will focus on stretching the areas that get tight with the changing weight distribution plus strengthen the muscles to support you during and post childbirth like the legs, back and arms.

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Mumma Beans [Pre/Post Natal]
  • Pre Natal Beans with Renee

    Despite what many think, exercise in pregnancy is essential for a healthy and happy pregnancy and also for aiding recovery. Renee's mini prenatal class targets your arms, upper back, inner thighs and of course your glutes to help stabilise your hips. Hand weights are optional but great for the up...

  • Pre Natal Nimble with Bernadette

    Join Bernadette for a pre natal friendly workout. Expect lots of arms, inner thighs and glutes. Suitable for trimester 1 & 2 and early trimester 3 stage.

    How did you go?! Let us know, comment below #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #755

  • Post Natal Beans with Renee

    Renee will be taking you through a 10 min postnatal safe class targeting the deep core and postural muscles.
    Perfect for all post pregnancy levels, with plenty of options offered.
    Hand weights are optional however will help strengthening your shoulders and upper back, essential as your baby bean ...

  • Box and Burn with Lizzie

    Lizzie's punchy 30min pregnancy safe workout will help release any tension & stress in the body as well as strengthen your legs, back and arms.
    You'll need a light set of hand weights and a bottle of water.
    Pause to take rest breaks when you need and let us know how you go!
    #prenatalworkout #VLB...

  • Pre Natal Bean Strong with Lizzie

    You'll need a couple of hand weights and *of course* a bottle of water to keep you hydrated through this 40min pregnancy friendly, full body workout.
    Join Lizzie on your mat for a strength circuit which is suitable throughout each stage of pregnancy with plenty of modifications offered that you ...

  • Pre Natal Barre with Lizzie

    Join Lizzie for a strengthening, low impact barre session that will leave your legs, arms and glutes shaking.
    The pre and post natal friendly core exercises will help engage your core from within as well as stabilise the spine.
    No equipment, just a sturdy chair or bench top needed for your ‘bar...

  • Pre Natal Bean Strong with Lizzie

    A pregnancy friendly, full body strength workout with Lizzie.
    Not pregnant but wanting a low impact session? This is for you too!
    You'll be working through 2 x 5 minute circuits followed by a butt-burning finisher.
    All you'll need is a pair of socks (if you're on hard floor), or a tupperware lid ...

  • Post Natal Express with Mel

    Join Mel for this low impact, pre/post natal friendly circuit style workout to strengthen up your whole body from within.
    Use a resistance band or pair of tights to increase the glute burn.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #325

  • Pre/Post Natal Workout with Lizzie

    A pre or post natal friendly full body workout with Lizzie that works on pelvis and core stability.
    You'll need a couple of hand weights for this circuit style, back to back workout that'll focus on 2 exercises for 5 minutes before moving on.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 15 Min Glute Burner with Josie

    No equipment needed for Josie's 15 minute solid butt burner.
    Inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and of course those glute muscles will be put under strain to help strengthen and tone your derrier.
    #VLB #pregnancyfriendly @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Mumma Beans - Post Natal Back with Nina

    The yin to your sweaty week of yang, Nina is here to stretch and open those big muscle groups, especially in the legs and stiff sides of the body.
    A great session to do after a workout or on a rest day. Have a long stretchy band or a towel to use.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Pre Natal Strength with Lizzie

    This workout circuit with Lizzie for Cookie & Pea is safe throughout pregnancy and is designed to strengthen up your back and glutes whilst stretching and releasing tightness in the chest, neck and shoulders.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Strengthen and Stretch with Lizzie

    Join Lizzie for a low impact combination of strength and stretch exercises to elongate and condition your muscles. This combination helps aid post workout recovery and iron out any niggles and tight spots. Pre/post natal friendly.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Pre Natal Barre with Lizzie

    A low-impact pregnancy safe workout that focuses on postural strength, glute and hip stability. Lizzie will help you engage your deep core muscles to strengthen from within and alleviate aches and pains. Whether you're pregnant or not, this is a challenging workout! Grab a set of hand weights to ...

  • Mumma Beans [Express] with Nina

    You'll need a jumper or towel plus hand weights for today's legs, core, and butt workout with Nina.
    Starting the class with the use of your breath to strengthen the deep core muscles which are an important part of postpartum recovery.
    Enjoy this time to reconnect to self and heal from the inside....

  • Mumma Beans - Post Natal Core with Nina

    You'll need a band or a towel for this remedial core session with Nina.
    Starting with some breath work, you'll target the deep core muscles that will heal you from the inside. Moving onto standing abs and floor work that will concentrate on strengthening core in a safe way, post-baby.
    Happy mum, ...

  • 15 min Lower Body Burn with Lizzie

    This low impact, pregnancy safe workout for PE Nation will sculpt your legs and tone your butt with no equipment in sight.
    You'll work through curtseys, kicks, thrusts and pulses before finishing with a deep glute stretch.
    Lets go!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Pre Natal Circuit with Lizzie

    This pregnancy friendly, low impact workout targets the legs, back and arms to help improve posture and overall strength.
    Lizzie will take you through 3 circuits combining stretch and resistance exercises to get you working up a sweat and boosting energy.

    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Post Natal Special with Nina

    In this post natal friendly workout we'll be using a pilates ball to get into the pelvic floor and deep core muscles but if you don't have one, a cushion or rolled up towel will work great.
    We want to re-heal from the inside slowly after giving birth work so in all the exercises you will be mov...

  • Mumma Beans with Jacqui

    You won't need anything for this new-mum friendly workout with Jacqui, just expect to lift your heart rate and sweat out the stresses of motherhood in the safest way.
    There are modifications for all levels post pregnancy so take the level that suits you.

  • Mumma Beans [Express] with Nina

    A low impact Pilates mat flow by Nina that targets the core, legs and arms.
    Grab some hand weights (cans/bottles of water or dumbbells) for a powerful arm section to finish off this short but effective workout.
    #VLB Lean Bean Fitness

  • Mumma Beans with Jacqui

    Grab a chair or use a bench top as your makeshift barre for this session with Jacqui.
    A full body workout that'll leave you feeling lifted and strong- no equipment needed but you'll welcome to use hand weights if you want during the arm section!

  • Low Impact Power Beans with Lizzie

    A fast paced circuit class that will strengthen the back, side waist and legs leaving you feeling strong and in balance.
    Expect a fun little 3 minute finisher to challenge your endurance before a good hip releasing stretch.
    Equipment: Handweights.
    Pre natal friendly.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Pregnancy Barre Beans with Nina

    A sequence designed to strengthen legs which will give us so many more options during child birth and strong arms to help us carry baby/push pram etc.
    The class also promotes good posture which is something that notoriously suffers when feeding.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau