Power Pilates

Power Pilates

A full-body mat Pilates class but don’t be fooled - this is a strong, controlled butt and ab burning workout

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Power Pilates
  • Bean to Pilates [Express] with Emma

    If you want to intensify this already strong Pilates workout by Emma you're welcome to add some ankle weights to the mix.
    Emma's slow and mindful flow will target your glutes and core like never before.
    Tell us how you got on tagging us @leanbeanfitnessau on insta! #VLB

  • Bean to Pilates with Mel

    ABsoloutely fabulASS.
    A mindful pilates workout by Melissa that'll work your waist and glutes in every single way.
    No equipment needed but remember not to rush- Pilates is a slow jam

  • Bean to Pilates [Express] with Mel

    Melissa is bring sexy BACK with a focused Pilates flow. As well as working your postural muscles including the glutes, she's got a hell of an ab sequence thrown in to the mix so probably don't eat 30 mins before!
    If you have a loop band, you're welcome to use it but not essential.

  • Bean to Pilates with Mel

    No equipment required for Melissa's Pilates workout, just willpower to get you through the planks.
    You'll be sculpting your backside and waist with a series of highly effective exercises to leave you feeling strong and poised.

  • Bean to Pilates with Mel

    A super-setty, super sweaty Pilates workout with Melissa working through 60 second intervals to tone the upper and lower body.
    No equipment needed, but remember to use the breath 😉

  • Bean to Pilates with Emma

    A light pair of hand weights (cans /bottles) is all you need for this strong Pilates class by Emma.
    This slow flowing session will up the intensity for the muscles so try and keep your breath steady and focus the mind on the exercises.

  • Bean to Pilates with Olivia

    Join Olivia for a slow and controlled Pilates class, creating space and strength in the body.
    Your glutes, core, upper and lower back are targeted through this flow with zero equipment needed.
    You should leave this workout feeling strong and balanced.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Bean to Pilates with Mel

    If you're after a slower paced Pilates class that still delivers the burn - Melissa's got you.
    This low impact workout will work every muscle in the body but strongly targeting the core to strengthen your back and improve postue.
    Optional hand weights.

  • Bean to Pilates with Mel

    This low-impact Pilates workout by Melissa will work your abs, arms and gluts with the use of light hand weights (tins/bottles/dumbbells).
    There is a killer core set in this one so if you're a new Mumma, or Mumma to be, come onto all 4's and stretch it out - or fast fwd a few mins!

  • Bean to Pilates with Jacqui

    A controlled and strong flow, creating space and length.
    No equipment needed.

  • Bean to Pilates with Mel

    An equipment free, bodyweight mat pilates class that will challenge your mental stamina by performing high reps of challenging exercises.
    Mel's session uses targets all ares of the body and requires your undivided attention.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #378

  • Bean to Pilates with Liz

    Liz is new to the team but a highly experienced Pilates teacher who know's a thing or two when it comes to finding that beloved burn!
    Expect to feel an all-encompassing workout targeting the abs, thighs, glutes, back and shoulders *knees and toes?*.
    No equipment, no fuss, just you and your mat.

  • Bean to Pilates with Sarah

    Core blimey! In Sarah's class you'll spend 30 minutes solely working on your abs, side waist and back.
    You'll be taken through a range of exercises teaching you how to engage your core correctly through breathing and good form.
    A cheeky burn for the arms and booty is thrown in at the end to balan...

  • Bean to Pilates with Lani

    Get down on the mat with Lani for an arm and butt session that requires core stability and some big deep breaths!
    Keep the muscles engaged by taking the exercises slow and following Lani's cues.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Bean to Pilates with Sarah

    Sarah's Pilates session is all about the inner thighs, glutes and waist.
    You'll move through a series of exercises to tighten, lengthen and strengthen your muscles from within.
    You'll need something to slide on so if you have hard floors, use a tea towel or pair of socks, on carpet- a tupperware ...

  • Power Pilates with Olivia

    Liv's Pilates workout will leave you feeling lengthened and strong with her simple but effective exercise combinations.
    Add a loop resistance band to supercharge the exercises if you have one but either way expect lots of core work, upper back, glutes and legs.
    Try not to rush and follow Liv's cu...

  • Power Pilates Express with Shireen

    Get on your mat with Shireen for this high powered Pilates express sesh.
    This is an ass n' ab special working the large and small glute mucles as well as all areas of the core.
    No equipment needed.
    @leanbeanfitnessau #VLB

    Video #453

  • Bean to Pilates with Olivia

    You'll need a light set of dumbbells for Liv's Pilates class which is all about that 'slow flow' tragetting the core *obvs*, upper back, inner thighs and of course your butt.
    Challenge yourself by only resting with she does ;)
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Bean To Pilates with Sarah

    Sarahs Pilates sesh is a full body burner with a focus on the core and glutes.
    Strap yourself in for a 30 minute slow and mindful core set with booty finisher!
    Optional Ankle weights & loop band *equipment now available to buy at leanbeanfitness.com/shop!* if you're feeling keen!
    #VLB @leanbeanf...