Bean Strong

Bean Strong

Our hugely popular circuit style class body weight & cardio to ramp up metabolism, strengthen the body and build heat like nothing else

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Bean Strong
  • Bean Strong with Renee

    Renee's Bean Strong will turn up the heat with the help from some ankle weights, handweights and a Pilates Ball which you can get here at or, if you can't wait to get going, use cans of beans, a kids bouncy ball and forget about the ankle weights for now *until your LB pa...

  • Bean Strong with Olivia

    This strength circuit is a full body burn with added hits of cardio to get the blood pumping.
    The little pocket rocket that is Olivia encourages you to add a resistance band and/or set of hand weights to challenge your muscles and improve stability from your core.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Bean Strong Express with Shireen

  • Pre-Post Natal Bean Strong with Lani

    Keeping strong during and after pregnancy is so important so try this strength circuit with Lani (hand weights and a loop band if possible) which will help strengthen the whole body including your brain!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Low Impact Bean Strong with Lizzie

    A 35 min low impact, pregnancy friendly workout that targets the entire body leaving you feeling strong, stabilised and balanced.
    This workout with @lizziebland is broken up into 2 sections to keep your body, and mind on your toes.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Pre Natal Bean Strong with Lizzie

    A pregnancy friendly, full body strength workout with Lizzie.
    Not pregnant but wanting a low impact session? This is for you too!
    You'll be working through 2 x 5 minute circuits followed by a butt-burning finisher.
    All you'll need is a pair of socks (if you're on hard floor), or a tupperware lid ...

  • Bean Strong Express with Olivia

    Grab a heavy weight (a big book, dumbbell or...brick) for a super strong sesh with Olivia.
    You've got 4 stations, working through a range of strength exercises to build muscle strength and increase heart rate.
    Upper body, abs, legs and booty are all targeted in this workout and there is the optio...

  • Bean Strong with Mel

    Get ready for this class with Mel that will push you to your limits!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Bean Strong with Sarah

    This strength circuit focuses on core with a HIIT of cardio to get the blood pumping. Sarah encourages you to challenge yourself a little further by adding a heavy weight weight into the mix as well as a couple of hand weights and a pillow...(and no, it's not for a mid-workout nap- soz.) #VLB @l...

  • Low Impact Bean Strong with Carragh

    This lower body burner with Carragh will focus on glutes and legs for the majority but finishes off with a toning arm set to leave you feeling strong from head to toe.
    Use a resistance band to up the ante ( you can try tying a jumper around your thighs ;)
    #toptips #pregnancyfriendly #VLB @leanb...

  • Low Impact Bean Strong [Express] with Carragh

    Legs, butt and arms in under 30 mins... Win.
    If you've got a chair or bench to hand, we can use it to intensify some of the exercises but no problem if not.
    Carragh will get you doing supersets of 2 exercises for 4 rounds.
    Set 1: Glutes.
    Set 2: Arms.
    Set 3: Legs.
    #pregnancyfriendly #VLB @le...

  • Bean Strong with Nina

    Have a set of hand weights at the ready and if you have them, ankle weights for a challenging sesh with Nina.
    This strength circuit will test stamina with 4x4 exercises, 1 min rounds.
    Expect a firey mixture of leg, ass, arm and ab exercises to build heat in the body and rev up metabolism.
    #VLB @l...

  • Bean Strong with Emma

    No equipment needed but if you fancy chucking on some ankle weights- go wild!
    Emma's Bean Strong session today is a full body strength workout with a deep focus on the ass and abs.
    You'll feel lengthened, strong (and maybe a little shaky!) after this session. Enjoy!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Bean Strong [Express] with Emma

    Grab one heavy dumbbell or 2 lighter hand weights for a strong circuit sesh with Emma focusing on the back, legs and core.
    3 X AMRAP sets finishing with a little extra leg burner.

    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Low Impact Bean Strong with Carragh

    Arms, legs and glutes will be shaking after this low impact sesh with Carragh, focusing on lower body to start followed by an upper body burner and a cardio finisher.
    #VLB #pregnancyfriendly @Leanbeanfitnessau

  • Low Impact Bean Strong with Sarah

    Get ready for a body weight burner with Sarah.
    The only equipment needed is a weight for the booty burn at the end (a can/ bottle of water) as you'll be placing behind the knee for added resistance.
    There are options for every level throughout the workout and expect a full body, low-impact burn t...

  • Bean Strong [Express] with Olivia

    We're going on the slide for today's VLB with Olivia so pull out your fluffy socks or use tupperware lids if you have carpet.
    You will be working through 4 stations for this strong set, 2 of which you'll be using your make-shift sliders for some strong ab combinations.
    Each station is a combina...

  • Bean Strong HIIT Express with Emma

    Emma's quickie weight based workout targets the lower body, upper body and core in rounds.
    She'll be encouraging you to work to fatigue in each exercise to challenge your mind and in turn, increase your muscle strength and endurance.
    You'll be needing hand weights plus a heavy weight if you hav...

  • Bean Strong [Express] with Olivia

    Bean Strong is all about going a little slower but working a little deeper to increase the intensity of the exercises.
    This express session with Olivia will leave your buns, quads and arms on fire without any need for equipment, however a resistance band and hand weights can be added if you fanc...

  • Bean Strong with Olivia

    Bean Strong with Olivia today.
    5 stations, each focusing on a different muscle group.
    You'll be starting off with a good cardio hit to get you sweating before targeting those gluts, abs, arms and abs. #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Bean Strong with Lizzie

    All you need for Bean strong with Lizzie is a sturdy chair for some step ups and planks.
    This challenging sesh will get your heart racing so take it at whatever pace works for your body.
    Let us know how you go!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Bean Strong with Nina

    We've got a full body Bean Strong class for you today by Nina - a strength based circuit which she's added even MORE cardio into...coz why not go hard when you're already home?!
    Cans/dumbbells are needed and if you happen to have a pair of ankle weights, you can keep them on throughout. #VLB @le...

  • Bean Strong with Mel

    Nothing needed for this Strong sesh with Mel but if you want a little more resistance, use a stretchy band or a pair of tights to substitute!
    You asked for arms, cardio and inner thighs and Mel has certainly delivered so be warned, you may be sore tomorrow. #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Bean Strong with Shireen

    Shireen has heard your requests for full-body including inner thighs, abs and butt so she’s put together a vigorous Bean Strong sesh to get everything fired up.
    #LeanBeanFitnessau #VLB

    Love this class? Comment below and we'll add more Strong sessions!