Barre Beans

Barre Beans

This full body, high intensity workout combines a traditional barre (or chair) with fitness exercises

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Barre Beans
  • **NEW** Barre Beans with Bella

    Bella's strong Barre flow has little rest and regular bursts of cardio to get that heart rate spiking.
    Expect to shake, burn and sweat but feel damn good after!
    Includes lunges, planks, piles and jumping sets although options are given for anyone taking it low impact.
    You'll need some hand weight...

  • Barre Beans with Renee

    This class is all about the 3 S's: Strength, Stability & Staying fabulous.
    Oh yes, Renee's Barre class will get you feeling both the burn and sweat with strong and controlled exercises leaving you feeling totally in balance.
    You'll need a chair and a thick book/yoga block for 3 sequences targeti...

  • Floor Barre with Renee

    This Floor Barre sequence starts with a strong abdominal set followed by squats and lunges on the block to really challenge leg and glute stability.
    Renee will get your heart racing with an arm and cardio combo so expect a sweat.
    Low impact options available.
    Equipment? 1x ball or pillow and 1 x ...

  • Low Impact Floor Barre with Bella

    Test your balance and strengthen your core with Bella's full body low impact class with a major focus on glutes, obliques and upper back.
    You'll feel a deep burn in this class as you work your way up to stand, before working our way back to finish!
    Expect planking, shaking and waist toning giving...

  • Barre Beans with Renee

    This barre session requires hand weights- you can use your LBF ankle weights around your wrists or just a couple of cans of beans!
    Renee's workout is focussed on abs, cardio and lots of pulses to burn and tone your whole body.
    Water and sweat towel at the ready coz' this class is going to make yo...

  • Barre Beans with Josie

    Train like a prima ballerina with Josies ‘fondu’ exercise working on strengthening the ankle, calf and lower legs *hello dress n' heels*.
    This workout will lengthen and tone your legs, gluts and core.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Pre Natal Barre with Lizzie

    Join Lizzie for a strengthening, low impact barre session that will leave your legs, arms and glutes shaking.
    The pre and post natal friendly core exercises will help engage your core from within as well as stabilise the spine.
    No equipment, just a sturdy chair or bench top needed for your ‘bar...

  • Barre Beans with Olivia

    A full body barre beans class particularly focusing on the legs, abs, upper body and of course-the booty.
    Liv will take you through a short warm up before working through a sequence at the barre (cue sturdy chair or bench top) and finishing off on the mat.
    The option is there to add a resistance ...

  • Barre Beans with Josie

    Lengthen and sweat in Josie's barre burner with the help of a sturdy chair or bench top.
    'Barre' is derived from a mix of Ballet and Pilates, is an incredible full body conditioning workout and challenges even the fittest of Beans.
    Give it a go or you'll never know!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Barre Beans Express with Josie

    Engage, stabilise and strengthen with this high powered barre work out by Josie.
    You'll need a chair, some hand weights and probably a sweat towel!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Barre Beans Express with Mel

    Have a chair at the ready for a challenging, posture improving barre workout with Mel.
    You'll work through the lower body with classic barre combos broken up with a quick upper body floor combo.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Barre Beans Express with Mel

    Our Barre expert Mel has delivered a challenging lower body Barre session intensified by the use of a chair or bench.
    Expect a little upper body floor-work set to finish off, just to even you out ;)
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Barre Beans with Josie

    Hand weights and a chair are on the menu for Josie's Ballet inspired Barre workout. The chair is going to get your legs working up a next-level burn as well as planks and oblique exercises to hit your core. #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Barre Beans [Express] with Josie

    You don't need to be a ballet dancer to get the incredible conditioning benefits of Barre Beans.
    Join Josie (and grab a couple of hand weights) for an ass'n abs style workout that'll get you working up a sweat.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Barre Beans [Express] with Josie

    Join our Barre queen Josie for this lengthening, conditioning workout.
    You'll need a sturdy chair or bench to help improve balance and get your legs and core working to their max.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Barre Beans with Josie

    You'll need a chair or bench to use as a makeshift barre for today's session with the ever elegant Josie.
    You'll be working your legs and abs in this strong sequence- beginner and advance options always offered.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • **TOP PICK** Low Impact Barre Beans Carragh

    Whether you're pregnant or just looking for a slower paced strength workout, Carragh's your girl.
    You'll be focussing on smaller muscles in the backs of the arms, upper back and glutes.
    Hand weights (cans will do!) is all you need for guaranteed next day burn.

  • Barre Beans with Mel

    Melissa's Barre class will help tone your back and glutes with a combo of standing and mat work.
    You'll need 1 light dumbbell and a loop band if you've got it.

  • Barre Beans Express with Nina

    You'll be working your legs, butt, obliques, and abs in this quick sesh from Nina.
    Using sliders you'll get deep into those leg muscles and butt. With plenty of pulses to add to that booty burn!
    You'll need a chair for a bar, and either socks/towels or tupperware lids as sliders.
    #VLB @leanbeanfi...

  • Barre Beans with Nina

    Nina's Barre Beans is a full body workout which will work the entire body especially those pesky inner thighs, legs and butt.
    Hand weights plus a chair (optional) if you require help with balance, if not, challenge yourself and embrace the wobbles.

  • Barre Beans with Josie

    Meet Josie, a Prima ballerina (you'll realise very quickly) and awesome new instructor on the VLB team.
    You'll need a chair and *optional* ankle weights to work your legs, butt arms and abs.
    This full body Barre workout will get you hot and sweaty fast with a few balance challenges to get your co...

  • Low Impact Barre Beans with Lizzie

    As we're rolling out 2 workouts per day, we want to make sure even our pregnant/beginner Beans are catered to.
    This standing Barre workout packs a punch in just 20mins focusing on arms, back and pelvic floor strength to help support the body's new alignment.
    Look out for the [P] on upcoming worko...

  • Low Impact Barre Beans with Nina

    Equipment needed for Pregnancy Barre Beans with Nina is a couple of weights/cans or water bottles plus a squishy ball (but you can make do without!).
    This full body pregnancy friendly workout will strengthen your butt, arms and legs as well as challenging your coordination.
    Make sure you have you...

  • Low Impact Barre Beans with Jacqui

    No equipment needed for this pregnancy friendly, full body workout with Jacqui, but grab a chair or use stable surface for a makeshift barre.
    You'll also be doing some breath work so you may want a cushion to get comfy