Quickies [Arms, Ass, Abs and more]

Quickies [Arms, Ass, Abs and more]

Whether you’re low on time, wanting to target a specific body part or adding on a little extra burn to a workout, these mini sessions are intense but effective and yes, you will feel it tomorrow.

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Quickies [Arms, Ass, Abs and more]
  • Day 2: 15 Min Quick HIIT with Olivia

    To join Olivia you've gotta give everything you’ve got for this high powered quick 15 min HIIT.
    Add some hand weights (optional) for that fire cracker arm burn.
    Let's get going!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Day 4: Lean Up with Shireen

    This core sesh by Virtual Lean Bean will deliver the burn in no time! This 20 min ab blaster will target the core + obliques. No equipment needed, let's play!

    We love hearing from our beans. Comment below to share your feedback.

    #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #731

  • 20 Min Cardio Extreme with Josie

    Josie is gonna get you good with this bodyweight workout
    of 6 exercise, 40secs on each, 3 rounds. Have your water bottle nearby and try and keep your rest breaks short. Good luck! #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    We love hearing from our beans so we'd love you to comment below to share your feedback!


  • Day 18: 20 Min Runner Beans with Olivia

    Get those legs moving in Olivias equipment free, indoor run club. Expect to lift that heart rate with no rest breaks in the 20 minutes. The plan that Olivia will take you through goes a bit like this...
    1st round, 1 minute
    2nd round, 50 seconds
    3rd round, explosive 30 seconds
    Finisher: ab burn...

  • 10 Min Intense Body with Olivia

    A cardio blast from Olivia to increase your heart rate and challenge your fitness levels.

    We've got 8 exercises, 3 rounds. Let’s go!

    #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    We love hearing from our beans. Comment below to share your feedback.

    Video #652b

  • 5min Total Core with Josie

    No time, no equipment, no worries. Join Josie for a fast fuss-free ab burn to warm you up from inside out. #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    We love hearing from our beans. Comment below to share your feedback.

    Video #656

  • 20 Min Ab Blaster with Shireen

    Shireens firey 20min sesh is about the core and waist, targeting every muscle with moves such as bicycles, reverse burpees and planks. No equipment just your mat. #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    We love hearing from our beans so we'd love you to comment below and share your feedback!

    Video #678

  • 15 min Ab burner with Renee

    7 ab burner exercises repeated three times... ouch. Slow and controlled is what Ren's class is all about so use this class as an add on to another VLB class or try and get a walk around the block to get everything working.
    Additional notes; Exercises such as full sit up punches, Leg lowers, Obliq...

  • Cardi Beans Express with Renee

    Running low on time or just wanting a fast pace class to get that heart rate up?
    Well Renee has got just the workout for you!
    All you will be needing is a water bottle and a sweat towel handy as this class is going to get you v sweaty- be warned.
    You'll be taken through 3 stations with 4 exerci...

  • Day 8: Ab & Core Blaster with Bernadette

    Get those abs fired with this little ball workout by Bernie. No ball?
    Where have you bean! Get yours here leanbeanfitness.com/shop but for now, just use a little cushion.
    Go go go! #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    We love hearing from our beans. Comment below to share your feedback.

    Video #699

  • 15 Min Inner Thigh with Lily

    Your inner thighs are made up of five different muscles that work together to provide stability for your knees, hips, core and lower back (just to name a few). Put simply, your inner thighs are VIP so join Lily on the mat and show them the love they deserve. No equipment needed. #vlb @leanbeanfit...

  • 15 min Ab Burner with Renee

    9 is the magic number in Renees killer core class consisiting of leg lowers, oblique twists and bicycles. This 15 min session is great to add onto another class or perfect if you're simply short on time and needing to get your body moving! Top tip: Do this one before mealtime. The blood sent to t...

  • All About That Bass Cardio with Renee

    8 heart racing exercises repeated twice to get the body burning. If you're short on time and needing to get your energy levels up, this quick 15min cardio class with Renee is just what you need. Expect squat jumps, burpees and mountain climbers. Ankle weights are optional but no equipment needed....

  • Phenomenal Abdominals [Express] With Josie

    You'll be feeling an intense core burn in just a few minutes with Josie's killer workout.
    As well as doing direct ab exercises you'll also be taken through a couple of plank challenges to build up the heat til you feel the sweat drip down your forehead.

    Video #212
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • 5 Min Ab Burner with Shireen

    No time, no equipment, no worries.
    This short and sweet ab sesh with Shireen is the perfect addition to any busy day or power walk.
    Tip: If you're trying this on your lunch break, definitely do it before eating!
    #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #618

  • Abs and Glutes with Renee

    Renee will take you through this quick but killer 15 min session targeting some of our key areas- ass n' abs!
    Starting off with 5 ab burning exercises tailored to get those perfect strong and defined abdominals and finishing off with horse kicks, clams and of course many pulses to target every si...

  • Let's Get Leggy with Shireen

    A lower body burner with Shireen targeting inner thighs, glutes and quads.
    Expect Plies, pulses, squats and of course, some very shaky legs!
    No equipment or mat needed so lets get to it.
    #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #619

  • Let's Get Leggy with Bella

    Starting off with a standing squat series to get the gluts nice and warm before hitting the mat to test out your stamina in the gluts and legs!
    Bella's uses the ball and a loop band to help switch on the stabilising leg, meaning both areas are working hard, simultaneously.
    It's a goodie!
    #VLB @le...

  • 15 Min All About That Bass with Josie

    Whether you're short on time but craving a burn or doing this as an add-on to another workout, Josie's simple combination of squats and bridges will instantly wake up those buns.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #601

  • 15 Min Phenomenal Abdominals with Josie

    All you need is yourself and the mat for Josie's 15min ab burn which hits the upper, lower and side oblique muscles.
    Ab fab.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #602

  • 15 Min Lower Body Sculpt with Renee

    Grab a booty band for this butt burning Pilates class with Renee.
    8 exercises to strengthen, tone and shape your lower body, repeated 4 times.
    This class targets not only your glutes but also your thighs and core.
    Use this as an add on to Renee's Phenomenal Abdominals to get that complete body bu...

  • 15 Min Inner Thigh with Renee

    To get the most out of this sequence you'll need a Pilates ball (get yours asap for just $20 here https://leanbeanfitness.com/shop/)
    Renee's inner thigh workout is highly effective, targeting those inner thighs with second plies, lunges, pelvic lifts and a killer inner thigh side lying sequence ...

  • 15 Min Abs 'N Ass with Lily [Beginners]

    BABY GOT BACK.... Well, at least you will after Lily's workout!
    Expect all the glute bridge variations to get the glutes and hamstrings burning and while your buns get a 'break', you'll be thrown a core work challenge.
    This sesh is delivers that fire in your ass n' abs that we all love/hate.

  • 15 Min Inner Thighs with Olivia

    Join Olivia for short n' sweet 15 minute flow that will strengthen and tone your inner thighs so help sculpt your legs.
    No equipment needed. Legs go!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #597