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Cardi Beans: 7 Day Programme

Cardi Beans: 7 Day Programme

The Cardi Beans Challenge: for our Hardcore Honeys who are looking to boost energy + intensity

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Cardi Beans: 7 Day Programme
  • VLB Weekly Challenge - Cardi Beans

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    Here is your week of workouts for the Cardi Beans VLB Challenge!

  • Dancing Beans with Emma & Olivia

    Dancing Beans is back for the WellBean Challenge and this one requires lots of *girl* power!
    Have some water and a towel handy as this cardio boogie will certainly get you sweating.
    You will start with a warm up before going into your fun but simple dance combos that'll work your legs, booty, arm...

  • HIIT Play with Olivia

    What a way to start your day. All bodyweight exercises working through a range of cardio and strength with minimal rest time.
    Olivia will guide you in conditioning your legs, arms, core and butt.
    Top tip: Challenge yourself by increasing your reps in the short bursts.
    Due to the intensity and str...

  • Stretchy Beans + Pilates with Emma

    Emma's taking a unique approach to Stretchy Beans where you will focus on classical pilates exercises with some nourishing stretches thrown in to lengthen and stretch through the body.
    Teaching you how to deepen into each movement will leave you feeling taller and longer by the end.

    Video #282...

  • Bean Strong Express with Shireen

    For Shireen's Bean Strong sesh she suggests using a heavy weight if you have one (5kg dumbbell or even just a coffee table book if that's all you've got lying around!)
    This strength based full body workout has options for those wanting to take it down or up a notch, plus, get excited with her kil...

  • HIIT Play Express with Josie

    Josie's high intensity circuit combining lunges, squats, planks, push ups and ab exercises.
    Not for the fainthearted but will certainly get your heart pumping.
    Jumping optional so if you're having a low energy day, take it down a notch.

    Video #437
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • All About That Bass [Booty Burner] with Lizzie

    No equipment needed for this 15 min butt burner that can be used as an add on to another workout or after a brisk walk.
    Lizzie will be targeting the big muscle group with squats followed by thrusts and donkey kicks. Ps. Don't half arse it 😉

    Video #183

  • Cardi Beans [Express] with Renee

    Running low on time or just wanting a fast pace class to get that heart rate up?
    Well Renee has got just the workout for you!
    All you will be needing is a water bottle and a sweat towel handy as this class is going to get you v sweaty- be warned.
    You'll be taken through 3 stations with 4 exerci...

  • Bean Box with Mel

    A cardio based upper body class with Mel that'll burn energy, fast.
    Have your water and sweat towel close by for this one and don't forget to keep your core tight and your knees soft to help add power to your punches.

    Video #324
    The use of hand weights encouraged ;)
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau