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Equipment Free: 7 Day Programme

Equipment Free: 7 Day Programme

No equipment? No worries. Some of our favourite equipment-free workouts complement each other beautifully in this 1 week programme

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Equipment Free: 7 Day Programme
  • VLB 1 Week Programme - Equipment Free

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  • Bean to Pilates with Mel

    An equipment free, bodyweight mat pilates class that will challenge your mental stamina by performing high reps of challenging exercises.
    Mel's session uses targets all ares of the body and requires your undivided attention.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #378

  • 15 Min Phenomenal Abdominals with Josie

    All you need is yourself and the mat for Josie's 15min ab burn which hits the upper, lower and side oblique muscles.
    Ab fab.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #602

  • 15 Min Inner Thighs with Olivia

    Join Olivia for short n' sweet 15 minute flow that will strengthen and tone your inner thighs so help sculpt your legs.
    No equipment needed. Legs go!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #597

  • Barre Beans with Josie

    Have a chair or benchtop at the ready to use as your barre and join Josie on the mat for a core warm up set to engage the deep abdominals and get proper alignment before moving onto a pile and lunge series to sculpt your legs and butt.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #374

  • Power Pilates Express with Shireen

    Get on your mat with Shireen for this high powered Pilates express sesh.
    This is an ass n' ab special working the large and small glute mucles as well as all areas of the core.
    No equipment needed.
    @leanbeanfitnessau #VLB

    Video #453

  • Lower Body Sculpt with Lizzie

    No equipment needed to get your inner and outer thighs, glutes and hamstrings to burn from the get go today.
    Lizzie will take you through lunges, glute bridges and of course- squats to make sure we don't miss a muscle.
    @leanbeanfitnessau #VLB

    Video #236b

  • HIIT Play Express with Josie

    An equipment free, fiery express workout with Josie that'll hit the glutes, abs and legs.
    Expect to sweat!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    Video #598

  • Power Beans with Olivia

    TABATA! Short bursts of high energy, fast paced cardio to squeeze in as many reps as possible.
    Listen out for Olivia's cues to increase the intensity during your rest break (if you're feeling REALLY hardcore) and although no equipment is needed for this one, add ankle weights if you have them.


  • Dancing Beans [Express] with Emma and Olivia

    Nothing says fun like dancing in your living room like you just don't care, so join Emma and Olivia for this full body dance cardio sesh that will have you feeling all the good vibes and hella sweaty by the end!

    No equipment or dance skills needed. Find the official playlist here: https://open....

  • Stretchy Beans with Mel

    Stretch and recover your tired muscles with Mel. This stretchy beans sesh is the perfect addition to your weekly strength/ tone workouts and a must for any cardio beanies.
    @leanbeanfitnessau #VLB

    Video #566