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Pump It Up [Cardio Booster]: 7 Day Programme

Pump It Up [Cardio Booster]: 7 Day Programme

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Pump It Up [Cardio Booster]: 7 Day Programme
  • VLB 1 Week Programme - Pump It Up

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  • EXTRA: Cardi Beans with Emma

    Adding a little fun to your week with this cardio special with Emma.
    Think athletic moves with a bit of bounce to them.
    Minimal rest to get your heart rate up and leave you feeling full of beans by the end!
    #itsplaytime #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau
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  • RECOVERY: Stretchy Beans Express with Mel

    Perfect if you're feeling up tight but CBA with an hours yoga class.
    Mel's calming flow combines static and dynamic stretches for a full body tension release in under 30 mins.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau
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  • Bean Strong with Bella

    Join Bella for a hardcore strength workout circuit.
    Spilt into 5 rounds and working through 2 strength exercises followed by a 30 second cardio finisher.
    This ones hits every part of the body & leaves you feeling fab with all those endorphins pumping.
    Bella loved filming this one, she said she wa...

  • HIIT Play with Renee

    High Intensity Interval training made fun ;)
    Working the Abs, arms and legs, this HIIT Play class is definitely a full body shred! In between each set you will be performing a 6 exercise cardio sequence with minimal rest.... don't worry, you can watch Renee struggle just as much as you are. #lol

  • Power Beans with Josie

    Cardio bunnies lets go!
    Josie's warm up set contains 5 exercises, 30 secs on each, 3 times through. Youch.
    Once you're well and truly warm she'll throw another fun HIIT circuit at you with lots of work for the legs, abs and arms.
    Equipment free.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

    We love hearing from our b...

  • Bean Strong with Olivia

    This strength circuit is a full body burn with added hits of cardio to get the blood pumping.
    The little pocket rocket that is Olivia encourages you to add a resistance band and/or set of hand weights to challenge your muscles and improve stability from your core.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau
    We love ...

  • HIIT Play with Renee

    It's all in the name, join Renee for a HIIT Play class to get the heart rate up and metabolism going.
    All we need for equipment is a set of hand weights (or tin cans).
    Get ready to punch it out with fun cardio sets and hardcore arm sequences.
    See you at the mat with water and a sweat towel rea...

  • Bean Box with Mel

    Have a set of hand weights at the ready and a stretchy band (optional) for Mel's kick-ass boxing workout. High reps and even higher endorphins, you'll leave this class feeling energised and sweaty. Note: If you're pregnant, join in but skip the ab finisher at the end.

    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau


  • Power Beans with Olivia

    A 45 minute cardio based session with Olivia that requires hand weights and a LOT of girl power.
    You start off with a cardio section followed by small strength exercises to build the burn on your abs, arms and booty! Finishing strong with your last cardio burst.
    Low impact options given for those...