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Mumma Beans [Pre/Post Natal]

Mumma Beans [Pre/Post Natal]

A low impact class specifically tailored to women during and after pregnancy. This class is slower paced and will focus on stretching the areas that get tight with the changing weight distribution plus strengthen the muscles to support you during and post childbirth like the legs, back and arms.

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Mumma Beans [Pre/Post Natal]
  • Post Natal Workout with Lani

    Get your body moving again post baby or if you're simply looking for a slower workout, Lani's session will do the trick.
    You'll be working on strengthening your butt, back & core as well as stretching and opening through your chest, hip flexors and hips to bring your body into balance.

  • Pre Natal Pilates with Lizzie

    Join Lizzie on the mat for a pregnancy friendly Pilates class that will help strengthen your back and core as well as tone the gluts and thighs.
    We will work on finding your balance with some standing exercises and also activating the muscles in the side waist and upper back to support your growi...

  • Pre Natal Sculpt with Nina

    Nina's prenatal workout focusses on stamina, strength and resilience - all the things you need for the big day *yes it's coming soon*!
    Focusing on gluts, legs and arms, you'll end the session feeling strong, toned and lengthened.
    You'll also work the core and and do some breath work to calm the n...

  • Post Natal Pilates with Nina

    A postnatal workout that focuses on arm and leg strengthing - something we all need as busy baby mummas!
    This workout will aim to sculpt and tone your body whilst importantly working on rebuilding on those deep core muscles affected during pregnancy.
    Equipment: handweights.
    Suitable for those aft...

  • Pre-Post Natal Bean Strong with Lani

    Keeping strong during and after pregnancy is so important so try this strength circuit with Lani (hand weights and a loop band if possible) which will help strengthen the whole body including your brain!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau