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Dancing Beans

Dancing Beans

This class is for anyone needing a bit of fun, a great cardio workout and to not take themselves too seriously. Absolutely zero dance ability/experience required you just gotta get boogying to the beat and wiggle your worries away.

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Dancing Beans
  • Dancing Beans with Renee

    Join Dancing Bean Queen Ren for this sweaty & fun sesh! No dance experience needed, just girl power.

    Video# 550

  • Dancing Beans with Kath

    Did you know dancing burns a sh*t loads of calories without any burpees in sight?! Get a burst of endorphins with Kathleen's super fun and sweaty dance cardio workout.
    Her simple but fun moves will have you bopping around your living room as happy as you can Bean, plus expect a couple of resistan...

  • Dancing Beans [Express] with Emma and Olivia

    Nothing says fun like dancing in your living room like you just don't care, so join Emma and Olivia for this full body dance cardio sesh that will have you feeling all the good vibes and hella sweaty by the end!

    No equipment or dance skills needed. Find the official playlist here: https://open....

  • Dancing Beans with Mel, Olivia and Emma

    GOOD VIBES ONLY for this super fun cardio workout with our queen dancing beans, Melissa, Olivia and Emma.
    You'll be working out to the beat with simple combos and finish with a bonus ass & ab track.
    Please enjoy this one, don't think too much and PLEASE don't think you have to be any good at danc...

  • Dancing Power Beans [Express] with Olivia

    Water, towel and good vibes needed for this fun cardio hit with Olivia. You'll get your heart rate up, your sweat on and the endorphins flowing.
    Tip: Think less about what you look like, this is ALL about how you feel like. #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Dancing Beans [Express] with Jacqui

    Turn up the fun this Sun with a little boogie with Jacqui.
    No equipment needed for this cardio workout but if you want a good playlist to get you in the groove, here you go:
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • Dancing Beans with Jacqui

    Dancing Beans *for non dancers* with Jacqui!
    Because now is the time we need a little burst of fun in our lives. Get whoever you're in lockdown with to join in on this one - you don't need any equipment so just hit play and take it away!
    PS. Jacqui recommends picking your fave song from her Spo...

  • Dancing Beans [Express] with Olivia

    Time to let your hair down, get sweaty and crank up the good vibes.
    Have your laptop/phone ready so you can play the below songs and dance along with Olivia.
    No dance abilities needed, just don't think too much and keep moving.
    Track 1. STUPID LOVE - Lady Gaga
    Track 2. DON'T START NOW - Dua L...

  • Dancing Beans with Emma & Olivia

    Dancing Beans is back for the WellBean Challenge and this one requires lots of *girl* power!
    Have some water and a towel handy as this cardio boogie will certainly get you sweating.
    You will start with a warm up before going into your fun but simple dance combos that'll work your legs, booty, arm...