The Latest Workouts

Find the freshest workouts here from your favourite Lean Bean Instructors - daily videos will live here for a couple of weeks, as well as in their respective collections.

We are now including top videos from the previous months - so you can take advantage of the amazing workouts you may have missed!

  • **NEW** HIIT Play Express with Shireen

    A quick and spicy booty burn with Olivia to get that butt nice and perky after sitting through 1 too many Binge boxsets.
    You don’t need any equipment although you can throw on some ankle weights for added heat.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • **NEW** 15 Min Glute Burner with Shireen

    Targeting the small and big muscle groups around your upper thighs and gluts to strengthen and tone your derrière.
    Great for when you've been sitting on your butt for a while or as an addition to another 15min body burner, walk or swim.
    Feeling hardcore?
    Shireen suggests you chuck on some ankle w...

  • **NEW** 15 Min Quick HIIT with Olivia

    To join Olivia you've gotta give everything you’ve got for this high powered quick 15 min HIIT.
    Add some hand weights (optional) for that fire cracker arm burn.
    Let's get going!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

  • **NEW** Box and Burn with Lizzie

    Lizzie's punchy 30min pregnancy safe workout will help release any tension & stress in the body as well as strengthen your legs, back and arms.
    You'll need a light set of hand weights and a bottle of water.
    Pause to take rest breaks when you need and let us know how you go!
    #prenatalworkout #VLB...

  • **NEW** Barre Beans with Bella

    Bella's strong Barre flow has little rest and regular bursts of cardio to get that heart rate spiking.
    Expect to shake, burn and sweat but feel damn good after!
    Includes lunges, planks, piles and jumping sets although options are given for anyone taking it low impact.
    You'll need some hand weight...