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Find the freshest workouts here from your favourite Lean Bean Instructors - daily videos will live here for a couple of weeks, as well as in their respective collections.

We are now including top videos from the previous months - so you can take advantage of the amazing workouts you may have missed!


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  • NEW: All About That Bass Cardio with Renee

    8 heart racing exercises repeated twice to get the body burning. If you're short on time and needing to get your energy levels up, this quick 15min cardio class with Renee is just what you need. Expect squat jumps, burpees and mountain climbers. Ankle weights are optional but no equipment needed....

  • NEW: Power Pilates with Renee

    Renee will be taking you through a strong Power Pilates class where all you need is a ball, water and sweat towel, because this sesh is going to get you sweating! Starting with an abdominal series before working through an entire body workout focusing on strengh and getting your heart rate up. #...

  • TOP PICK: Floor Barre with Olivia

    Feel the burn with this barre sequence which works around the mat, using different pieces of equipment to really spice your exercises up and deliver that deeper burn that we all love/hate.
    Modifications are given throughout, and listen out for those cues where you can amp it up.

  • TOP PICK: 15 Min Legs with Mel

    Slide on over into Mel's 15min butt burner using your fancy slider of choice, ie. fluffy socks if you're on hard floor or a tupperware lid if you're on carpet.
    You'll be taken through a series of 1 minute combo sets with minimal rest.
    #booty #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau

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  • TOP PICK: HIIT Play Express with Josie

    In this full body cardio sesh, expect 10 different exercises and 7 rounds, yowza!
    Pop on some ankle weights if you're looking to play a littler harder today...
    @leanbeanfitnessau #VLB

  • TOP PICK: Nutrition - Magnesium - Why Do We Need It?

    Magnesium... why do we really need it in our diet??
    In this video Christiana gives you the low down on magnesium and how to get into your diet daily.
    Watch and make sure to take notes!
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau