Bean Happy 30 Day Challenge

Bean Happy 30 Day Challenge

The ultimate exercise plan to keep you sane and energised! A mixture of Pilates, Barre, Strength training and HIIT mixed with some short sharp body burner work outs. Get ready to feel the best version of yourself!

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Bean Happy 30 Day Challenge
  • Day 26: Bean Box [Express] with Mel

    Punch it out with Melissa in this boxing workout that also includes an ab blast halfway through and ends with a cardio tabata finisher....
    All we can say is GOOD LUCK!
    Hand weights advised 😉

    #vlb @leanbeanfitnessau

    We love hearing from our beans. Comment below to share your feedback.

    Video #170

  • Day 27: Bean Strong with Olivia

    This strength circuit is a full body burn with added hits of cardio to get the blood pumping.
    The little pocket rocket that is Olivia encourages you to add a resistance band and/or set of hand weights to challenge your muscles and improve stability from your core.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau
    We love ...

  • Nimble 30 Min HIIT with Charlotte

    Get that heart racing with Char's HIIT class that'll challenge your fitness level and work every muscle in the body. Hand weights are optional but be warned, this one's a killer!

    Video #743

  • Day 30: Stretch With Mel

    No equipment needed except your mat.
    Give yourself some time today to stretch out your body with Mel.
    Focussing on the obliques and side of the body to help detox the lungs and improve digestion.
    #VLB @leanbeanfitnessau